Essential Oils can really assist your body and mind before, during and after BodyTalk. Here are a list of the top oils to help support your physical and mental well being. For more information on any of these oils or how to use them, please contact me.

1. ZenGest/DigestZen - Supports the digestive system and aids the digestion of emotions.

2. Copaiba - Assits in calming anxious feelings while interwining all experiences in your life to unveil a deeper meaning and clarity.

3. Adaptiv - Formulated to assist with anxious states, calm when stuck in cylces and adapt to stressors and fears.

4. Brave - Teaches that you deserve to be treated with respect, require respectful interactions and instills the courage to confront or speak up. Assists with digestive upset due to overwhelm, fear, nervouness or agitation.

5. Balance - Supports calming the overactive (mind & body) and grounds your energy providing inner strength and fortitude.

6. Frankincense - The king of oils, provides a grounding foundation for you to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deception and negativity.  This powerful cleasner of darkness is really just good for everything!

7. Forgive - Promotes you to forgive others and yourself espeically when feeling cynical, bitterness, hostilities or expecting the worst.

8. Vetiver - Assists you in deeply connecting to what you think and feel, challenges your need to escape and provides roots to bring you back down to earth. 

9. Tea Tree - Oil of Energitic Boundaries that supports the clearing of energetic baggage, releasing codependent & parasitic relationships and breaking negative ties.

10. Console - Assists with emotional comfort after periods of stress or trauma and burden from loss, grief or tragedy.